Resources for academic writing

Writing Short is Hard is a blog dedicated to helping researchers communicate clearly, concisely, and convincingly. I focus on editing your own words, sentences, and paragraphs. But good academic writing is about so much more that style and structure.

These guidelines, tip sheets, and other resources are a few of my favourite things for academic writers:

Writing in Grad School:

Grant Proposals:


  • Matt Might of the University of Alabama at Birmingham has a collection of hints, tips, and hacks for academics. Just make sure that you don’t read this list as a type of procrastination.
  • Joli Jensen’s Write No Matter What: Advice for Academics is a quick read that is filled with actionable suggestions to get words on a page and articles in the publication pipeline.

And Finally:

  • Without Bullshit is the only writing blog that I read every day. As only one example of why I value Josh Bernoff’s perspective, see his November 2017 dissection of Louis CK’s ‘apology’ for his long-term campaign of sexual abuse, “How can Louis C.K. be honest and awful at the same time?”, which details where and how the comedian fails as both a writer and an empathetic human being.

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