Handout, References & Resources for “Developing Content Marketing Opportunities”

References & Resources, in the order in which they are discussed:

I quoted the words of Angela White, executive director for the Indian Residential School Survivors Society, as they were quoted in a May 28, 2021, article published by the CBC: “Residential school survivors society calls for action following discovery of children’s remains.” One way to put action to your own words is to donate to your local Aboriginal Friendship Centre. The NAFC has a helpful map of friendship centres. You might also consider giving to the IRSSS or to Indspire.

You can download my handout as a Word doc here.

The primary form of content marketing that I do is my column, “Ask Dr Editor,” which is published monthly by University Affairs. I’ve also given a number of webinars to potential clients, as can be seen on my training page for academics.

I’m a “rising tide lifts all boats” person, and I think that, the more of us who are out there sharing high-quality content, the better the profession of editing looks, which is good for all of us. If you’d like to learn more about my collaborative, collective approach to marketing and small business operations, please consider signing up for the anti-hustle newsletter.

The book I quoted from is Robert Bly’s The Content Marketing Handbook: How to Double the Results of Your Marketing Campaigns.

The list of aims provided on my handout are adapted from two sources:

Some examples of content marketing include: