This is a fake landing page that I’ve made just for you, a person in my Strategic Marketing for Consultants and Freelancers course.

If this were a real landing page, it would probably look something like this page (you may recognize it!), which describes a product for sale.

Common elements of a landing page include:

  • an attention-grabbing headline (my “welcome!”, above, is probably a little flat)
  • information about who your product or services are for
  • a description of the problems they experience and the impact these problems have on their life
  • details about how your product or service will alleviate or mitigate their concerns
  • social proof — that is, quotations or testimonials from previous clients who’ve been happy with their purchase
  • a breakdown of the elements of your product or service
  • an FAQ

Of course, your landing page doesn’t have to have all or even any of these salesy elements. Your landing page might simply offer a straightforward description of the product or service you have available, and a ‘buy now’ button.

When I publish articles in venues that are new to me, or in which I don’t appear regularly, I link to a straightforward landing page that simply describes my business and links to my newsletter sign-up. I don’t try to sell anything; I just make it easy for people who enjoyed my article to learn more about when my next piece is published.