References & Resources for Presentation to Editors Toronto, Sept 2021

When I give a land acknowledgement, I think it’s important that I also commit to taking actions to support folks who don’t have as much privilege as I do. If you also want to start putting actions behind your own land acknowledgement, consider donating to your local Aboriginal Friendship Centre. The NAFC has a helpful map of friendship centres. You might also consider giving to Indspire.

I have a small side project,, through which I develop and share resources to help folks to align their personal values with their business practices. If you’d like to learn more about my collaborative, collective approach to marketing and small business operations, please consider signing up for the anti-hustle newsletter.

My column, “Ask Dr Editor,” is published monthly by University Affairs.

I’ve delivered a number of webinars for Editors Canada. The free one is called “Edit Your Resume for In-House Work.” A full list of my webinars can be found on my training & resources page for editors.

I wrote a blog post about the strategies that 100+ freelance editors used to land their first paid gig.

I go into more depth about effective content marketing in my course “Give away your secrets: Collaborative, no-skeeze content marketing.

You can read more about the free webinars that I give as a part of my content marketing strategy on my training & resource pages for academics and for research administrators.

Books for you to consider reading as a part of your professional development:

If everything I’ve said today is too basic for you, first up, wow, amazing that you’re reading this, and, second, you might want to consider attending the Editors BC Professional Development seminar “Freelancing 201” with Laura Poole on Oct 16, 2021.