Hi, I’m Letitia.

I am a fine-details person who enables others to express themselves clearly and concisely. I edit grant applications for artists and academics—and, for academics, I also edit journal articles, book chapters, monographs, and promotion and tenure dossiers.

As an editor, my job is to help researchers and artists articulate their skills, experiences, and plans to the right audience in the right genre. With a PhD in English Literature, experience reviewing arts & culture grants for the Vancouver Foundation, and success in editing ~$4M of research funding proposals, I specialize in editing artists’ grant applications and academic work in the health sciences, social sciences, and humanities.

In 2018, I won Editors Canada’s highest award for emerging editors, the Claudette Upton Scholarship; in 2020, I was one of six recipients of their President’s Award for Volunteer Service.

My PhD (U Toronto, 2015) analyzed the politics that underlie bad ballads written at the end of the nineteenth century.

My first name rhymes with “militia” and is derived from the Latin for “joy”.

If you want to discuss your project, please contact me.