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Anti-Hustle: Marketing Against Greed
Webinar, Editors Canada

Marketing a freelance editing business can be uncomfortable for some of us. Some of the most often recommended strategies can turn off those of us who don’t gravitate towards large networks or who aren’t happy participants in the structures of late capitalism.

What if your marketing strategy could also come from a place of generosity? Of giving with no expectation of return? Of anti-hustle, of un-sales, of give without take? How might such an approach still enable you to pay the rent?

In this one-hour webinar, I’ll share the three-part anti-hustle strategy that I’ve used to double my freelance income in the past 12 months. We’ll discuss how giving away your favourite editing secrets, putting the spotlight on others, and amplifying Editors Canada’s brand can bring you more clients—and enable you to help other editors find clients too.

Craft a marketing plan that is generous, slow, and effective. Don’t hustle: we all rise by lifting others.

Access the recorded webinar of Anti-Hustle: Marketing Against Greed

Note: Please familiarize yourself with the Editors Canada Professional Editorial Standards before attending this webinar.

Please see my list of references & resources for this webinar.

Beyond STEM: Academic Editing in Social Sciences, Humanities and Education
Recorded Webinar, Editors Canada

This 90-minute webinar will provide you with evidence-based strategies to edit academic writing outside of STEM fields. Learn common challenges for non-STEM academics in grant applications, publications, and promotion and tenure documents, as well as options for addressing these concerns. Discover strategies to help you increase your credibility among this niche audience. By the end of this webinar, you’ll be ready to expand the disciplines in which you feel confident providing developmental, structural, stylistic, or copy editing services.

Access the recorded webinar of Beyond STEM: Academic Editing in Social Sciences, Humanities and Education

Please refer to my list of resources and recommended reading to supplement this training.

Edit Your Résumé for In-House Work (Free!)
Recorded Webinar, Editors Canada

Your resume is your opportunity to show a potential employer that you know how to solve their problems. While your cover letter gives you the space to detail your achievements, your resume must succinctly demonstrate both the scope and the depth of your experience. Focusing on job-seekers interested in in-house positions in the publishing world, this free webinar will help you to craft a resume that highlights the impact you’ve made in your work history. Learn the persuasive strategies that work well in this genre, and techniques to tailor your resume format for different kinds of publishers. This workshop will include two case studies: “Kim,” who is just starting out, and “Emma,” who is pursuing a career transition.

Access the recorded webinar of Edit Your Résumé for In-House Work

Kim’s résumé and target job description

Emma’s résumé and target job description

Showcasing Your Skills and Accomplishments in an Online Portfolio
Recorded Webinar, Editors Canada

By showcasing curated examples of our work, online portfolios provide the evidence to support the claims we make about our editing skillset. Portfolios thus make visible the often invisible work that editors perform. When an editor builds their own portfolio, they can discover connections between their diverse accomplishments and construct a compelling story about who they are and what they offer.

This webinar series will draw on examples of editors’ online portfolios to help you determine what kind of portfolio you want to build, what content you might include in your portfolio, and whether and how to integrate a portfolio with your existing website.

Access the recorded webinar of Showcasing Your Skills and Accomplishments in an Online Portfolio

Upcoming presentations

Editing Academic Research Grants – Editors BC Monthly Meeting (19 Jan 2022)

more details coming soon!

Past presentations & courses

Networking and collaboration session: Developing content marketing opportunities 
Editors Canada Conference 2021

Content marketing is a long-term marketing strategy that involves giving away your knowledge for free to potential clients, and thereby establishing their trust. Done well, content marketing should share information that is high-quality, relevant, and timely. As a result, content marketing is a lot of work! After a short introduction to content marketing for editors, this networking and collaboration session will divide participants into groups based on their preferred tactics, and provide participants with a structure in which they can collaborate to develop mutually beneficial content marketing projects. Come prepared to share your ideas, your incomplete projects, and your ‘some day’ marketing plans!

This session will be grounded in the ethos that editors are not in competition with one another, and that raising the profile of the profession and of Editors Canada creates more business for all of us. Participants are invited to see their fellow editors as supportive colleagues and potential collaborators–not as competition.

See the conference program details for Networking and collaboration session: Developing content marketing opportunities

Please see my handout and list of references & resources for this event.

Intermediate/Advanced Academic Editing
8-week course, Editorial Freelancers’ Association

This course will provide you with evidence-based strategies to edit in three key academic genres: the journal article, the grant proposal, and the tenure and promotion dossier. We’ll cover strategies that can be applied in a range of disciplines, from STEM to the humanities, education, and social sciences. By the end of this course, you’ll have a set of materials designed to help you expand the scope of your academic editing business and market to a broader range of scholarly clients.

The course includes over three hours of video lectures, as well as required and optional readings, written or video analysis assignments, and discussion forum posts. Weeks two through seven will include assignments on which the instructor will provide individual feedback; in week eight, participants will create a two-page marketing plan integrating best practices for freelancing and creative entrepreneurship.

See the course page for Intermediate/Advanced Academic Editing

Please refer to my list of recommended, but not required, reading to supplement this training.

Editors Toronto Monthly Meeting (28 September 2021)

Are you unsure how to build your freelance client list? Do you have questions about the financial, clerical, and time management aspects of running your own editing business? In our first program of the 2021–22 season, Greg Ioannou, editor and owner of Colbourne Communications and the hybrid publisher Iguana Press, and freelance editor Letitia Henville share her advice on how you can begin and develop your editing career. Greg will discuss what potential clients consider when hiring an editor while Letitia will provide tips and tricks on how a freelance editor can market themselves and grow their business.

Tickets are free for Editors Toronto members and $7 for non-members, available at:

Please see my list of references & resources for this webinar.

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