Training & Resources – For Editors

Training & Resources for Editors

Setting up for Success in Freelance Editing


Strategic Marketing for Freelancers & Consultants


Transitioning into a Career in Editing


Editing Academic Research Grants in Canada


Introduction to Academic Research Grants


Getting Into
In-house Research Grants Editing

(Free Webinar)

Antihustle: Marketing Against Greed

The First Retreat Workbook

(PDF download)
The Second Retreat Workbook

(PDF download)

Quantifying Your Editing Impact


Working with
Other Editors


Introduction to Stylistic Editing

(Coming in 2024)

Writing Well is Hard

A writing-pattern detection bot

Edit Your Résumé for In-House Work

 (Free Webinar)

Beyond STEM: Academic Editing in SSH & Education


Editor Profiles

On Freelancing

Recommended Reading

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