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Ask Dr. Editor: How can I become a better editor of my own work?
Career Corner at Congress 2021
Monday, May 31st @ 11am-12pm MT / 10-11am PDT

It’s hard to edit your own writing, especially when your deadline in looming. In this session, you’ll learn a step-by-step approach that will enable you to see your own words through a series of lenses that bring a fresh perspective to your writing. You’ll leave this session with a set of concrete actions that you can take to effectively edit your own work and make it tighter, more efficient, and more readable. We’ll also discuss when to bring in a professional editor or coach, and how to find the best editor for your work.

Please see my list of references & resources for this webinar.

Writing about Teaching & HQP Training: An Editor’s Tips for Grant Applications and Promotion and Tenure Dossiers
Canadian Geotechnical Society Education Committee

Friday, May 28th @ 10-11am MT / 9-10am PDT

Any number of university training programs, reports, and white papers can teach you how to teach your students or supervise your trainees effectively. Yet, in funding applications and tenure dossiers, you aren’t assessed on how you train others–instead, you are assessed on how you write about your approach to teaching and training. In this webinar, academic editor Letitia Henville will provide strategies for writing about your approach to two important types of document: the grant application and the promotion and tenure dossier. Learn how to connect your research to your approach to training, and how to communicate your efficacy to an audience of your peers.

Please see my list of references & resources for this webinar.


My monthly advice column, “Ask Dr. Editor,” is dedicated to helping researchers communicate clearly, concisely, and convincingly. I focus on editing your own words, sentences, and paragraphs. But good academic writing is about so much more that style and structure.

These guidelines, tip sheets, and other resources are a few of my favourite things for academic writers:

Grant Proposals:


Writing in Grad School:

And Finally:

  • Without Bullshit is the only writing blog that I read every day. As only one example of why I value Josh Bernoff’s perspective, see his November 2017 dissection of Louis CK’s ‘apology’ for his long-term campaign of sexual abuse, “How can Louis C.K. be honest and awful at the same time?”, which details where and how the comedian fails as both a writer and an empathetic human being.

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