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Upcoming Webinars

How to Read Research Grant Proposals like an Editor
Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Canadian Association of Research Administrators
Research grant proposals need to communicate their message clearly, efficiently, and persuasively. In this 60-minute webinar, a professional academic editor will share three of her favourite strategies for improving the written content in research grant proposals. These are strategies specific to research grants and backed by peer-reviewed evidence. By the end of this webinar, participants who work with grants will be better equipped to support researchers in developing compelling, well-written proposals–and will know as well when to bring in an editor to help.

Recorded Webinars

How to Hire the Right Academic Editor: Best Practices from Editors Canada
Canadian Association of Research Administrators
In this webinar, five professional academic editors will introduce you to a set of criteria that you can draw on to help you find the right academic editor for your project: Editors Canada’s Professional Editorial Standards. We’ll discuss the different editorial standards that we use when editing particular genres of academic writing: grant applications, manuscripts, dissertations, and knowledge translation and mobilization materials. Knowing the standards can help you set the scope of your project and work with a professional editor to find someone with the skills and expertise necessary for your work. We’ll also share some of our favourite resources that people who work with academic writing should know.