Evaluating an AI Tool Designed for Academic Researchers: Consensus

By now, we’ve all seen how poorly ChatGPT deals with academic research—especially with citations. ChatGPT is known to make up details that sound real but are false, even going so far as to create fake DOIs. But ChatGPT doesn’t represent all of AI, or even all of the subset of Generative AI. New AI toolsContinue reading “Evaluating an AI Tool Designed for Academic Researchers: Consensus”

#AskDrEditor: Being understood outside your discipline

My editing advice column, Ask Dr. Editor, is now available through UniversityAffairs.ca. The ninth Ask Dr. Editor column provides concrete steps to help you ensure that readers outside your discipline will understand your key words & concepts: “Being understood outside your discipline: how to immerse yourself in the linguistic world in which your readers live,Continue reading “#AskDrEditor: Being understood outside your discipline”