Getting Your Research into the World

Funding agencies and academic institutions are requiring researchers to participate in knowledge-sharing activities, which can go by a range of different names: knowledge mobilization, knowledge dissemination, knowledge exchange, knowledge translation, and integrated knowledge translation. For some kinds of research, the best approach is to do your study and then share your results—meaning, that you doContinue reading “Getting Your Research into the World”

#AskDrEditor: Jargon can make for good academic writing

My editing advice column, Ask Dr. Editor, is available through This Ask Dr. Editor details three types of good and not-so-good jargon, and provides a tool for identifying when to edit–and when not to edit–the jargon in your work: “Jargon can make for good academic writing: The use of jargon can be effective inContinue reading “#AskDrEditor: Jargon can make for good academic writing”